100% Handmade

This strainer can accommodate most thick pans such as cast iron pans, porcelain enamel pans, vitreous pans and fireclay pans.
Natural unpolished copper will not rust
Natural, uncoated copper will darken over time, and copper cleaning products will restore the shiny, new copper
Serves as a kitchen strainer and kitchen sink stopper

Made of copper & Handcrafted of unlacquered brass. This sink drain will have a bright finish and because of the high-quality handcrafted brass, it makes the kitchen sink more aesthetic and solid.

Briefs details:

Product Origin: Morocco

-100% pure

-100% handmade

– Material: Copper


The shower head diameter is:

3 inches.

4.5 inches.


Fits the American plumbing extension arm.

The sink strainer will filter out the sink from drain waste.

Note: As each piece is uniquely handcrafted, each piece has a different embellishment.

Express shipping to all over the world via (DHL / UPS / FedEx).

Delivery to most countries within 3-5 business days.

Delivery lead time: 5 days

Important: When you make a purchase, provide your contact phone number at checkout, DHL Express will need it as this is an international shipment.

Note: Feel free to contact me if additional information is needed. Or you are not sure about the size.

We are at your disposal for any further questions.


thank you in advance.

Thank you for shopping and working.


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