100% Handmade

  • handmade art, best handcrafted faucet
    Brass faucet, handmade, Moroccan design
    beautifully decorated faucet.
  • Bathroom Faucet Engraved/Hammered Moroccan Brass Color Faucet Kitchen Faucet.
  • Beautiful handmade etched moroccan brass bathroom/kitchen faucet. To bring a beautiful look to your space.
  • Engraved/hammered Moroccan Brass.
  • decorated faucet handmade.
  • Handmade Moroccan engraved brass Bathroom.
  • Stunning handmade Moroccan.


briefs details:
-Product Origin: Morocco
-100% Pure
-100% Handmade
– Materials: Copper
The extension arm fits US plumbing.
PS: as every piece is uniquely handmade every one has a different ornament.

Express shipping worldwide via (DHL/UPS/FedEx).

Delivery to most countries within 3-5 working days.

Delivery Lead Time: 5 days

IMPORTANT: When making a purchase, provide a contact telephone number at check-out.DHL Express will need it as this is an international shipment.
PS: Please do not hesitate to contact me if additional information is needed. or you are unsure of the size.
We are at your disposal for any further questions.

Thank you in advance.



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